About Michelle

Reiki Master Michelle is a natural-born healer and was attuned to Usui Reiki years ago and believes this type of energy healing to be one of the most effective ways of healing and balancing our life force energy, body, and mind.

Through our day to day living, we inadvertently experience stress, exhaustion, brain fog, anxiety, depression, aches, and pains, which can turn into blockages through our energy system. With Reiki treatments, these ailments subside substantially if not completely disappear. 

Reiki Master Michelle's powerful energetic healing sessions will leave you feeling balanced and revitalized while clearing your Chakras and removing blocks that could be draining your energy and hindering your health and the ability to manifest your desires.  


Reiki Master Michelle uses Archangel Michael and Angel Cards to communicate with your guides, guardian angel and the Ascended Masters to divine messages for you in areas of your life journey where you need clarity and blessings.                                  

What is Reiki?


Reiki (pronounced ray-key)  is a Japanese healing technique. Rei can be translated as "spiritual guided" and Ki is "life force energy."  Reiki means  "spiritual guided life force energy." 

Reiki is a Japanese, spiritual practice and energy therapy developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It is a gentle but powerful healing technique, hands-on or off, which uses the channeling of life force energy (Chi) to treat on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It brings balance and harmony to all aspects, igniting the body’s natural ability to heal within as well as bringing forth spiritual growth, well-being, and transformation.

Reiki practitioners are attuned to and then trained in the application of Reiki. We direct this energy during a Reiki session in order to help your body restore energy balance and vitality.

Science now recognizes that Reiki does shift the electromagnetics of our biofield. A number of experiments continue to show that Reiki is a powerful aid in physical healing. In hospital and controlled settings, Reiki has been proven to improve sleep, reduce pain, reduce nausea, reduce heart rate and improve relaxation in Cancer rehabilitation, and support the body process of healing in acute & chronic illness. 

15% of over 800 American hospitals offered Reiki as a part of hospital services in 2007. This number is even larger today, with hospitals incorporating Reiki into treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention programs. Why? Because it works.

What happens in a Reiki session?


Reiki is absolutely painless. During a treatment, clients are asked to lay down and relax. Simply doing that can sometimes be the most difficult thing of all, and yet my personal belief is that the relaxed open state allows you to receive the Reiki even more clearly. 

Once my client arrives I will help to transition them from their day to the healing space. I will talk to the client through the treatment and answer any questions they should have. Then the client lies face up on a massage table in a comfortable position. I lay crystals under the massage table or on the client's body. Crystals help amplify the energy. I use essential oil, sage or palo santo to cleanse the aura. At the end of the session, I bring an offering of water for the client to ground.

Each session has it’s own unique experience. Clients may feel a tingling sensation, physical temperature changes, perceive visual images, colors or enter a deep sleep. The goal is to help the body reach a state of relaxation first and foremost. In a state of relaxation, we are able to connect with our higher self.

What can I expect after a Reiki session?

symptoms you may feel include hunger, tiredness, high energy and feeling emotional. Drinking plenty of water to eliminate toxins released from the body during the treatment is highly recommended.

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