My beautiful hand made Tree of Life is made with reiki healing intentions.


The Tree of Life is a symbol of unity, representing the idea that all life on earth are connected. Though we all spread out in various directions, we are all part of something much greater.

The Tree of Life has three majour features: leaves, branches and the trunk.


Leaves: The individual leaves represent the uniqueness of all earthly creations, including us. Like leaves of a tree, we are all different in our shapes, sizes, colors and textures, yet  the Tree of Life reminds us that we all coexist peacfully.


Branches: The branches reaching out represents our human need for self expression. Through arts, science, spirituality and many others. The Tree of Life is also symbolic to our potential to improve and expand our ideas of the human condition through reaching out with our compassionate actions.


Trunk and Roots: The trunk and roots are the anchoring image of the Tree of Life. The solid trunk symbolizes strength, a place we can always return to remember what we made of, while the roots remind us that our actions in this life have deep meaning.


The Tree of Life honors the uniqueness and diversity of all creation while also celebrating our shared origins. 


Black Tourmaline is a stone of purification, cleansing the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxiety and the feelings of unworthiness.

It helps us become grounded and encourges a feeling of security.

Black Tourmaline Tree of Life

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