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“I started seeing Michelle in October 2020, after finding my daughter deceased from a blood clot, in May 2020.  I was quite skeptical at first; but my youngest daughter convinced me to try Reiki, as she thought it would help me with my grief and healing.  At that point I was desperate for something to take the pain, confusion and hurt away, or at the very least diminish it a bit.
In the six months that I have been going to see Michelle, I have to say that she has helped me to see things differently.  Not only has she given me messages from my beautiful daughter and told me things about her that only I would know, she has shown me how to relax and I am able to breathe again without it hurting so much.  She has definitely helped me with the grieving and being able to start my healing.
I would highly recommend Michelle for Reiki any day of the week.  And if you are lucky enough to receive a spiritual message, then that is an extra Blessing!”
- Val

“Michelle has been such a help to me in the most compassionate ways possible. It is not by what she has done for me, but because of what she’s helped me do for myself that has made all of the difference. The services and guidance that Michelle provides is incomparable towards others because she never takes the role of “leader” on in your sessions with her, she takes on the role of “teacher”. In a world where energy healing has begun to boom as an industry, Michelle has managed to hold onto the integrity of not only herself, but of the practice of reiki as a whole. I have never felt more supported and autonomous on my healing journey than I have with Michelle and it has made all of the difference in my life for the better.”
–  Shelby Z.

"Michelle has been a calming and grounding presence for me. She has helped me navigate some tumultuous moments and has always offered key insights that I've found very helpful. Her Reiki sessions have been beneficial in helping me manage both my physical and emotional pain. Overall, I consider Michelle a friend I turn to and her sessions are a worthy investment.
- Vic

“Michelle has been such a supportive and healing force in my life for nearly a year now. She provides her services in such a safe and compassionate manner that simultaneously guides and empowers you on your healing journey. I could not recommend anyone more!”
- Lorin

“This was my first time getting a reiki treatment and I did not understand anything about reiki. I was speechless walking out of this appointment. During my treatment Michelle was able to connect with my late Mom. She told me things about my mom that nobody would know. I was speechless! That night I slept like a baby. Thank you Michelle.”
– Jarod T

“I have been seeing Michelle, Reiki Therapist, for treatments for a year now. She has helped me through my pain with her treatments. I would definitely recommend her services!”
– Tina S

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